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Retriever subscriptions start at $22 per month incl. GST - that's just $5 per week!

There are no lock in contracts and your first month using Retriever is FREE.

Retriever is built using the best possible security available. Two factor authentication (2FA) is available and highly recommended for all account holders.

Our bank feed technology is supplied by Envestnet Yodlee - the exact same technology used and trusted by XERO.

We do not retain any information about you that is not available in the public domain.

Your GST payments are 100% secure as we do not hold your GST funds - all GST payments are made directly into your account with the ATO via BPAY.

Yes! We are always happy to help with either signing up or any other issue you might have with Retriever:

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Yes! You are in complete control what percentage of GST is retrieved from your account.

Typically, your BAS payment will be equal to less than 10% of your turnover - you can set retriever to fetch any percentage from 1% upwards.

If you have a GST debt, you can also set retriever to fetch more than 10% so you can pay down the debt.

Yes! Retriever includes an option called a "deposit cap". This feature allows you to exclude funds over a nominated amount being included in the GST calculation.

E.g: If you are receiving funds from a business loan of $50,000 then you can set retriever to exclude any amounts over $45,000. The deposit cap can be set to any amount required.

Great question! Retriever helps manage your cash flow by taking out the GST you owe to the ATO in small manageable amounts. Instead of scrambling to find funds when it's BAS payment time your GST is already paid. It really is like magic.

If you like to keep some funds in reserve we recommend you set Retriever to fetch a lower percentage so at least part of your GST is already paid and finding the extra funds at BAS payment time is easier.

If you find you have overpaid GST then after you lodge your next BAS, if there is a credit in your ATO account you should be able to claim a refund from the ATO - we highly recommend you check this with your accountant or bookkeeper.

You can also change the percentage of GST being fetched at any time so if you can reduce the amount of GST being fetched if you find you have set the percentage too high.

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