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How It Works

With Retriever, staying on top of your GST payments is easier than ever before.

First, subscribe and connect your bank account to Retriever. It's safe and secure using the same trusted bank feed technology used by XERO. This is where all your business deposits including GST and withdrawals will come and go.

Next, set the GST "Retrieval Rate" at the percentage which works best for you.

For example, if your average BAS payment equals 6% of your turnover then set the retrieval rate in the retriever dashboard to 6%.

Retriever monitors your bank account for deposits and fetches the GST component at your nominated rate 3 times per week and transfers this to your account with the ATO via BPAY.

Because the GST is fetched in small amounts you never notice it being paid - no more scrambling to find funds at BAS lodgement time!

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What people love about Retriever
Lindy Pratten - Agnecy 99 Design Co.

Lindy Pratten

Agency 99 Design Co.

As a small business owner there's so many things to keep on top of. I was always behind on my GST but with Retriever it's like magic! Because it's taken out in small amounts I never notice it.

My accountant & bookkeeper love Retriever too!


Greg Bayly

Skip Bags To Go

Somehow I always managed to be behind with my GST payments and my bookkeeper was always reminding me!

With Retriever I just know my GST will be paid on time - no more payment arrangements with the ATO, Woo Hoo!


Daniel Bignell

Vision Business Advisors

Working with small business owners we know how easy it is for them to fall behind on their GST payments.

Retriever now gives us a great tool to not only help our clients, but help us too!

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