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Sign Up Steps

Subscribing to Retriever takes just 5 minutes

Once your account is registered, follow these steps to complete the setup of your Retriever Account:

You'll need to a few things to make your signup go smoothly:

  • Your ABN number
  • Bank login details
  • Business bank account BSB & Account number
  • Your ATO BPAY reference number - this can be found on your BAS

Once your account is created and you login the system will automatically start the onboarding wizard starting with your ABN:

The system will return a list of any registered entities attached to your ABN - select the correct entity and click Import:

Once your data is imported into your profile there will be some additional information required:

The next step is to setup the bank feed for monitoring of deposits - you will need your bank customer ID and password to setup the feed.

Retriever uses the exact same feed trusted by XERO - Yodlee and is completely secure:

Once you have selected the bank you will need to login to setup the feed:

Tick the appropriate account to monitor for deposits - if there are multiple accounts, select ONLY the one that receives the deposits including GST:

Once you click Save & Finish you will be prompted to confirm:

Next add the details of your funding account (BSB & Account #) - this is where GST and subscription payments will be drawn from:

Next add your ATO reference number for BPAY as found on the payment section of BAS returns:

Last step is to set the GST retrieval rate - by default this is 10% but can be adjusted to match the typical BAS payment you make - e.g: if your BAS payment typically equals 7% of turnover, set the GST retrieval rate to 7%:

Retriever is billed at $16.50 per month incl. GST - your first month is FREE

Once your account is registered you'll be guided through the steps to complete setup.

Not sure or need help?

If you're not sure of any step or need assistance setting up your account, request a callback or call 1300 363 700 and we'll be happy to help.

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