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SISS Data – Bank Feed Set Up

Subscribing to Retriever takes just 10 minutes

What you'll need to get setup:
  • Data sharing enabled on your online banking*
  • Your ABN: you will be asked for this as part of the bank feed setup
  • Authenticator app: SISS Data requires mandatory two factor authentication using an authenticator app - most people already use these but in case you don't have one, links are below to two common apps.
  • Your Customer ID for your bank account
  • Access to the mobile phone associated with your bank account

* Retriever uses the enhanced security of the open banking system to look for deposits coming into your main income account. You'll need to make sure you have "data sharing" enabled on your online banking - check with your bank or run a Google search: Enable data sharing xxxxx (name of your bank). Contact us if you need more information or guidance.

Once your account is registered, login and follow these steps to complete the setup of your Retriever Account:

Step 1 - sign in to your Retriever account and click Bank Feed


Step 2 - Click Set Up Bank Feed


Step 3 - you'll see a Welcome screen, review and click next


Step 4.1 - you'll be asked to either sign in or set up an account with SISS Data


Step 4.2 - SISS Data account setup

Add your email address and click Send Verification Code:


You'll receive an email with the verification code:


Copy and paste the code then click Verify code:


Complete your details and then click Create:


You'll then be asked to create your two factor authentication - scan the QR code with your preferred authentication app and then click continue:

SISS Data requires mandatory two factor authentication using an authenticator app - most people already use these but in case you don't have one, links are below to two common apps.

Once installed on your phone you can scan the QR code in teh setup to create your two factor authentication.

Google Authenticator: 

Enter to 2FA code and click Verify:


Step 5 - Accept the Terms & Conditions


Step 6 - Add your ABN then click Validate:


Step 7 - Check the details and then tick to authorise, then click next:


Step 8 - Review your rights and protections, then click next:


Step 9 - Review the summary of the consent section, then click next:


Step 10 - Review your rights on sharing your data, then click next:


Step 11 - Review how to share your data, then click Continue:


Step 12 - Confirm you'll share your Account balance & Transactions, then click I Consent:


Step 14 - Choose your bank - Search or click Select:


Step 15 - Click Continue to securely connect to your bank:


Step 16 - Follow the instructions from your bank to connect -Westpac is shown but this will vary from bank to bank:


Step 17 - Once you have connected successfully to your bank you'll be asked to select the account you wish to share data from

We recommend you allow access for the maximum 7 years*
Set the date to two days prior to the currect date:

* Why 7 years? This is the maximum allowed under the consumer data right legislation. You can stop sharing your data at any time but selecting the maximum will prevent you from having to reconnect the bank feed more frequently.


If you have multiple accounts, please select ONLY the main income account:


Step 18 - Confirm you have select the correct account to share data from - click Finish:

If you see a zero ($0.00) balance - please disregard that and click Finish


Step 19 - You'll be returned back to the Retriever dashboard:

Proceed by clicking Next to check and review the rest of your account settings and complete the setup.

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